Rating: NNNAfter you've coined "bling bling," perhaps the greatest phrase in hiphop since "bring the noise," anything new is bound.

Rating: NNN

After you’ve coined “bling bling,” perhaps the greatest phrase in hiphop since “bring the noise,” anything new is bound to be a disappointment. Yet on a label where quality control rarely extends beyond diamond and car collections, BG’s Bling follow-up is actually a fairly solid affair.

Money is spent, Rolexes are worn and front teeth are turned into twinkling diamond fences worth tens of thousands of dollars over beeping Mannie Fresh beats. As befits the product of a label that also spends Thanksgiving Day giving out free turkeys in the park, though, Checkmate also has its surreal moments of positivity. When you rhyme on record about how your real dream in life is to bring air conditioning to the projects, another Bentley or two is all but assured. MG

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