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DJ LOGIC The Anomaly (Rope-A-Dope) Rating: NN Rating: NN

Trying to integrate a DJ into a live band can be a tricky thing. Kid Koala’s managed it with his Bullfrog crew, but New York DJ Logic hasn’t had that kind of luck. His guest spots on albums by Medeski, Martin & Wood have never seemed entirely natural, sounding more like a DJ’s frantic scratching stuck on a pre-formed groove. Logic’s solo debut doesn’t fare much better. While The Anomaly does feature the DJ working through a dozen different types of beats, with funk and hiphop to house and opera often colliding in one song, the watered-down sound clashes all sound awkward and forced, like a fusion project gone wrong. Logic’s own pedestrian cut-ups of played-out breaks like Unwind Yourself don’t make things better.

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