Dum Dum Girls

I Will Be (Sub Pop)

Rating: NNNN

It seems like everyone’s hungry for distorted 60s girl group tunes from the dark side, and the Dum Dum Girls pull it off way better than all the other hyped-up Internet sensations. On their debut full-length, the L.A. quartet prove there’s still a lot of life yet in the old buzz-saw/bubble-gum formula.



If you’re familiar with their handful of 7-inch singles, you should be warned that I Will Be is much less lo-fi and raw than their early work, but this is not a bad thing. Unlike most of their competition, they don’t need to bury off-key warbling under layers of static, and it’s the oddly lush quality of their garage punk harmonies that raises them above the rest.

Some may argue that there’s nothing here the Ramones or Jesus and Mary Chain didn’t do decades ago, and there are obvious similarities, to be sure. However, the decidedly female energy the Dum Dum Girls bring to the table puts them in their own category, inserting some welcome softness and subtlety into the genre.

Top track: I Will Be

Dum Dum Girls play the Phoenix April 9.

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