Everyday Street Gangsta (E1/Cedric Hill)

Rating: NNN

Houston rapper E.S.G. opens with a petty diss track that sets his 10th album on a bad path. But things improve midway through with Shut Them Haters Up, where E.S.G. double-time rhymes over a beat reminiscent of Young Jeezy’s Get Ya Mind Right.


E.S.G. is only one of the smaller players in the legendary Screwed Up Click, so the guest appearances here are surprisingly high profile. Trae of A.B.N., Big Hawk, Slim Thug and Chamillionaire all stop by, and E.S.G. even manages to work in a posthumous verse from Big Moe on his update of the freestyle classic June 27th (though some diehard Southern rap fans may call this blasphemy).

With a whopping 16 songs, the album’s devoid of the chopped-and-screwed style synonymous with the Screwed Up Click. That said, a peppering of heavy bass and soul still make this an enjoyable listen.

Top track: Shut Them Haters Up

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