Everybody Hertz

AIR Everybody Hertz (Source/Virgin) Rating: NN Rating: NNGiven the collective shrug that greeted Air's much-anticipated second album, it's.

Everybody Hertz (Source/Virgin)
Rating: NN Rating: NN

Given the collective shrug that greeted Air’s much-anticipated second album, it’s hardly surprising that the French mood-music duo would want to take another crack at the record. Wisecracking title aside, though, Everybody Hertz doesn’t add much to the discussion. Just three songs from 10,000 Hz Legend — Don’t Be Light, How Does It Make You Feel and People In The City — are remixed, and none of them is even half as interesting as the originals or the unreleased Air track tacked onto the end of the EP. Maybe that has something to do with how little work seems to have been put into the new versions. Mr. Oizo clicks his way through the spine of Don’t Be Light and Adrian Sherwood adds reverb and dub jiggle, but nothing else, to How Does It Make You Feel, while the Neptunes can’t help but crack up halfway during their sex-obsessed remix. Credit to French house crew Modjo for rearranging People In The City as a swinging mod jazz number, but having one artist out of seven who sounds like he’s actually interested in the work isn’t good math.

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