Lawson Graham (Fake Four)

Rating: NNNN

Saskatoon’s Factor, a hip-hop producer with an indie folk slant, has pulled together a surprisingly unique album. By rounding up alternative rap voices like Josh Martinez and Sole, as well as lo-fi rock crooners like Gregory Pepper, Factor’s wedged himself somewhere between Beck and late-model EL-P.


Breezy hand-clapping and rapper Nomad make appearances on Oh Oh Andy, while Factor’s subtle production tweaks lend urgency to the otherwise relaxed That’s How I Feel About It, featuring Myka 9 of the Freestyle Fellowship. The Fall Of Captain E.O., a track previously recorded with Fake Four owner Ceschi, is an esoteric nautical allegory that references Michael Jackson and caustic seawater. It’s the best example of the album’s madcap fusion.

Top track: The Fall Of Captain E.O.

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