Ghostface Killah

GhostDeini The Great (Def Jam)

Rating: NNN

‘Tis the season for holiday hits packages that promise much yet deliver little. Although the title of this slapdash Ghostface Killah CD/DVD package might lead you to think it’s a collection of the Wu-Tang Clan lyrical swordsman’s best work, it’s actually just a major-label version of a mixtape with an assortment of remixes and reworks. The great joints (like the anthemic Just Blaze retouch of The Champ) are outnumbered by the mediocre, and a couple of new tracks are thrown in for added buying incentive.

They’re wisely not banking on the disappointing DVD to sell this thing. It’s essentially one boring Ghostface performance – with all the cursing censored out – backed by a woefully under-rehearsed band intercut with uneventful dressing room footage and some still photos thrown in as a bonus. There’s a bit where Ghostface speaks about how much he misses Ol’ Dirty Bastard, along with a photo montage in which ODB’s face is blurred out in all the shots as if they discovered after editing that they couldn’t get permission to use the images and came up with a quick fix to meet the production deadline. Smooth.

Top Track: Ghostface X-mas

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