Rating: NN I got it, I think. After years and years of.

Rating: NN

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I got it, I think. After years and years of hating every ounce of Maryland’s mall-punk icons Good Charlotte, it seems now that the actual trick to enjoying their music on any plausible level is to go into the whole thing with absolutely no expectations. Not even low expectations. Nothing. Then you have to get past the fact that lead singer Joel Madden couldn’t carry a tune if the fate of the freaking universe hung in the balance, that the band members dress like they’re 13 and that there will certainly be some genuinely cringe-worthy moments, like Madden singing “Take a look at my life – all black / take a look at my clothes – all black.” If you get past all that, there are enough decent, listenable, even catchy moments to make it kinda fun. Just don’t tell your friends.

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