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HOW HIGH (Def Jam/Universal) Rating: NN

One would have to assume that Danny DeVito was high when he agreed to produce a film starring Redman and Method Man. The notorious potheads go back to high school, chase girls, make fun of nerds and smoke weed. Hilarity ensues. Sadly, the comedy on this soundtrack is entirely unintentional. The first half features Meth and Red predictably yelling and snorting about blunts over lacklustre beats. Halfway through, as though the weed wore off and the joke stopped being funny, they give up entirely, stringing together a bunch of old songs by Ludacris, Saukrates, Limp Bizkit and DMX that have nothing to do with each other and less to do with the film itself. Perhaps given the movie in question, though, that’s a good thing.

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