Idle Tigers

The Spirit Salon (Le Grand Magistery)

Rating: NNN

Warning: picking up Toronto-?based Idle Tigers’ (aka expatriated Brit Ross Hawkins) debut without having first seen one of his cabaret-?style live shows might cause serious bewilderment.

An assortment of empty chamber pop and lo-?fi electronica made all the more niche by Hawkins’s penchant for humorous Victorian-?speak (“‘Where do you want me to touch you?’ she said. ‘Here, by the side of the road,’ I said,” he utters un-?erotically on Unlace Me Behind The Hedge), The Spirit Salon brings together a miscreant cast of fairies, fops and felons. In Hawkins’s words, light entertainment for highbrow ruffians.

Idle Tigers rock the Drake Friday (July 11).

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