Jamie T

Kings And Queens (Virgin/EMI)

Rating: NNNNN

Kings And Queens is a scrappy, foul-mouthed journey through the mind of youth that channels a full spread of British styles, including folk, UK garage and the Madchester sound preferred by Stone Roses. Jamie T’s style is still incredibly endearing, and for the most surprising reasons, whether he’s posing as a half-drunk wannabe romantic on Jilly Armeen or using phrases like “twat” and “top banana” in the same breath on the surprisingly cohesive folk/drum ‘n’ bass mashup Spider’s Web.


T relates to impetuous youth on a primal level for good reason: he’s still there. They fight for honour, fight for fun, sleep with the wrong people, run their mouths, get their hearts broken by asshole partners and look for revelations at the bottom of bottles and empty packs of cigarettes. This album is a stylized, slightly-paranoid romp sure to pluck the heartstrings of anyone who has ever lived life with reckless abandon.

Top track: Spider’s Web

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