Rating: NN Still mediocre, but by this point you've got to admire.

Rating: NN

Still mediocre, but by this point you’ve got to admire her consistency. It’s hard to believe that Jennifer Lopez, the actor who arguably invented the album-as-career-accessory, is now six LPs deep.

She’s built a sizable catalogue of some of the blandest momentarily catchy pop music you’ve ever heard. You can almost hear the clock ticking down to the expiration date on her new single, Do It Well, even as the song climbs the charts.

You know the drill: throw precisely 17 buckets of money at the hottest producers (Jonathan Rotem, the Platinum Brothers, and give whatever falls on the floor to Ludacris) with the finest auto-tune software. Do a Maxim photo shoot for the liner notes. It’s J.Lo 07.

This album is too calculated not to be big. The songs are formulaic but catchy, and the production is meticulous. But I’m most impressed by how long she’s managed to sustain her recording career. Is that brave? It’s something.

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