Jim Jones & Webstar

The Rooftop (E1)

Rating: N

It’s always bad when an artist needs propping up throughout an entire album, as Webstar does on The Rooftop. Without the guest appearances by Jim Jones, Ricky Blaze, Styles P and Juelz Santana, most listeners probably wouldn’t get through a single spin of this disc.


The Auto-Tune abomination that is first single Dancing On Me is nearly unlistenable, and there are a whopping five interludes throughout the album. Webstar’s rapping skills haven’t improved much since his Chicken Noodle Soup days. He regularly falls off the beat, and the content would be subpar even on a free mixtape.

The one highlight is the Dame Grease-produced Uptown, a track that blends Blade-Runneresque synths with club-ready kick drums.

Top track: Uptown

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