One Of The Boys (Capitol)

Rating: NN

Since she’s currently the soup du jour for taste-faker Perez Hilton, that should pretty much count as an automatic strike in the “against” box. But luckily for the Christian-pop-singer-turned-saucy-bubble-gum-chanteuse (imagine Gwen ­Stefani paired with an obnoxious Ellen Page-esque hipster brat), her voice comes through with enough charm to warrant the attention.

Aside from her pipes, over the course of these 12 tailored-for-radio songs it’s hard to tell just how seriously she’s taking it all. Lyrically, there are just too many reasons to believe she’s taking the piss, between belting out with forced bravado that she “kissed a girl and liked it” and getting all teenage-slanged-up by singing, “You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys.” Her flair for theatrics and technicolour personality seem to eclipse the content.

The bulk of Boys is sufficiently well put together the generally witty pop walks that tricky line between edginess and accessibility. Basically, both moms and daughters should dig it.

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