KIMYA DAWSON I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean (Rough Trade) Rating: NNN Rating: NNNThere are those who think NYC crank-pop.

KIMYA DAWSON I’m Sorry That Sometimes I’m Mean (Rough Trade) Rating: NNN Rating: NNN

There are those who think NYC crank-pop pranksters the Moldy Peaches — they of the clown costumes and hit tune Who’s Got The Crack? — have a screw loose, and this solo record by Peach Kimya Dawson doesn’t do much to disprove that theory. It’s 11 tracks of hushed lo-fi bedroom recordings with titles like Stinky Stuff. But something about Dawson’s whispered little-girl croak over a two-chord acoustic strum is powerful and unsettling. There are instances of lyrical depth (the disturbed-child fable Hold My Hand hits hard), and the forays into weirdness, like the talking doll samples on mock-country ballad Talking Ernest, are kinda cool. Self-indulgence or art brut? It’s a toss-up.

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