Kyra And Tully

Far Away (Buster)

Rating: NNN

Far Away is a three-song sampler from Kingston duo Kyra and Tully, whose full-length album – Wildlife (In And Out Of The City) – is set for release this autumn. The title track, also the album’s first single, is so gentle, pretty and unfussy, it’s enough to produce waterworks in the most cold-hearted listener. A bright, clear piano line accompanies the pair’s bright, clear voices. Tully’s is low and kind, Kyra’s high and sweet.


The sampler’s other two songs, A New Frontier and 18 Wheels, aren’t nearly as moving, but pleasantly evoke New Mexico’s the Handsome Family, thanks to the husband/wife vocals and nature-themed lyrics. Kyra and Tully are less weird, wry and edgy, though, and their wide-eyed lyrics could use some muscle.

Top track: Far Away

Kyra and Tully play Bread and Circus June 20 as part of NXNE.

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