Kyra and Tully

Wildlife (In And Out Of The City) (Buster)

Rating: NNN

If you’re looking for something soul-soothing to listen to over this hectic holiday season, you’ll want to give Kyra and Tully’s sophomore full-length a spin. The 11 folk-pop songs are sweet without being sugary, and reverberate with an emotional openness that’s rare in music these days.


Sure, at times the Kingston husband/wife duo’s lyrics are too wordy and oddly “inspirational” in a way that makes me wonder if they’re a Christian band (is Far Away about heaven?), especially when delivered by Kyra’s clear, church-choir voice. But Tully’s melancholy tenor is always right behind her, offering lovely counterbalance.

Gentle, glockenspiel-driven Far Away, which appeared on an EP earlier this year, is still the standout track, though Under The Moon, with its Kenny Rogers country-pop feel, fast-fingered guitar solo and girl/boy vocal exchanges, comes in a close second. This country feel, actually, is a promising new direction.

Top track: Far Away

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