Velocifero (Nettwerk)

Rating: NNN

After the career-resuscitating left turn Ladytron made from the sputtering electroclash of Light & Magic to the streamlined synth-rock of Witching Hour, it was anyone’s guess where they’d go next. Velocifero continues straight down the road Witching put them on, which is why it doesn’t sound as fresh.

Ladytron work with Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) and Vicarious Bliss from the Ed Banger crew, but it’s hard to decipher their contributions since they alter the familiar template so little.

Mira Aroyo’s chilling vocals are in full effect, opening the album with a hard-pounding electro-goth dirge. And co-vocalist Helena Marnie proves equal to the gloomy task, delivering a beautifully dour melody on I’m Not Scared. Both are on point throughout, making Velocifero a solid album, maybe too solid. I wish they’d crack the mould a little.

Ladytron light up Harbourfront on July 4.

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