Lake Of Stew

Sweet As Pie (Dare to Care)

Rating: NNN

Montreal’s Lake of Stew are a democratic bunch. The six members take turns singing lead and everyone writes the tunes, which take on the style of old-time bluegrass and incorporate instruments like gut-tub bass, kazoo, banjolin, jaw harp, washboard… you get the picture.


Sweet As Pie, their second full length, is a more polished effort than their live-off-the-floor debut. They excel at harmonizing and play their various antiquated instruments with gusto. The tunes are concise and well crafted, and they aren’t above referencing KRS-One (Pretty Sarah), which is pretty funny given the context.

But you might be put off by first song Sweet As Pie, as Brad Levia’s nasal voice is so cartoonishly hillbilly, it makes you question whether they’re mocking the genre. The other singers soon take over. Thank goodness for democracy.

Top track: Through The Wires

Lake of Stew play the Dakota on Saturday (November 28).

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