Rating: NN Little Brother's first release without beatmaker 9th Wonder, and the.

Rating: NN

Little Brother’s first release without beatmaker 9th Wonder, and the witty, multi-talented Phonte and lyrically challenged anchor Big Pooh don’t seem able to make it without the producer’s bland Fruity Loops beats.

On 9th’s only contribution, a surprising appearance from Lil’ Wayne is squandered with a Chipmunk-soul beat that sounds like something Kanye West scrapped in 2002. The two strongest tracks are by Dr. Dre production affiliates Hi-Tek and Nottz, and neither brings his A-game.

That leaves the lyrics, which deal extensively with relationship dynamics and ethereal topics on this cashmere-soft underground rap album that’s heavy on the R&B hooks. Hiphop may be alive and well, but it sure hit the snooze button before giving us Get Back.

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