Little Jackie

The Stoop (S-Curve/EMI)

Rating: NN

It took a minute for the U.S. major labels to figure out how best to replicate the surprise success of Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black album, and S-Curve, which hit big with the elaborately plotted Joss Stone throwback scheme, believes it’s got it solved.


S-Curve has found its own Winehouse knockoff in Little Jackie, which consists of singer/songwriter Imani Coppola and Mark Ronson-type programmer dude Adam Pallin (whose claim to fame is having once collaborated with American Idol loser Elliott Yamin).

The result is a reasonable facsimile of the old-school R&B shtick that Winehouse worked so well.

Unfortunately, Coppola hasn’t got Winehouse’s writing or vocal chops and Pallin clearly lacks Ronson’s knowledge of hit song construction. Perhaps most crucially, Little Jackie doesn’t have the Dap-Kings on hand to transform good ideas into seriously funky jams.

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