The Long Shadow Of The Paper Tiger (K)

Rating: NNN

Mahjongg have taken up the dance torch with their third release. Makes sense, since they’ve lost guitarist Jeff Carillo. What they’ve gained is an impressive ability to fuse mechanical bleeps with organic tribal throbs. Gooble and Miami Knights, the first two tracks, give an idea of what Mahjongg are putting down, and the wacky indie-band factor is still evident in the drum work and vocals.


Sadly, the vocals thwart this otherwise innovative, frantic danceathon. Those who grind their teeth in the presence of excessive vocoder will have to book a session with their dentist. The record’s also too short. By the time you hit highlight Devry at the 26-minute mark, you’re 10 minutes away from the finish. To be truly serious about success, Mahjongg need to give more than this.

Top track: Devry

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