Rating: NN Like Mates of State with a hard-on for the.

Rating: NN

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Like Mates of State with a hard-on for the Rentals and skateboarding or the White Stripes if they’d never heard of the blues, Brooklyn-based Matt & Kim are an adorable boy-girl duo who yelp and crash over rudimentary bubble-gum-punk synths and straightforward drumming. Their self-titled debut is packed with effervescent crowd-surfing-in-your-tiny-studio-apartment energy… and not much else. Not that the type of punchy pop in which they deal is all that complex to begin with, but Matt & Kim are a bit too sweet to muster the ballsy attitude they need to keep people on the floor through so many samey songs based so heavily on repetition, and Matt Johnson’s yelly voice would be more enjoyable if played against the contrast of girl harmonies. Just sayin’.

Matt & Kim hit the Mod Club for the Over The Top Fest Friday (May 4).

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