Rating: N It appears that new mom Nelly Furtado was uncertain whether.

Rating: N

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It appears that new mom Nelly Furtado was uncertain whether it would be more profitable to reinvent herself in the mould of Peaches, Madonna, Missy Elliott, a hook-singing video vixen or a vaguely Latinesque torch singer. So she hooked up with producer Timbaland and some programming-savvy song doctors to try a little bit of each – you know, tapas style. Unfortunately, Furtado doesn’t have the rhyming skills, vocal chops or attitude to pull off any one of her new personae, and Timbaland is obviously saving his best beats for a disc that’s actually going to sell. If you were annoyed by that painfully hokey Promiscuous (Girl/Boy) single, the sad news is that it’s the least offensive track on the whole horrible album. Hey, there’s always ringtones.

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