Dark Horse (EMI)

Rating: N

Chad Kroeger and co. are back with another soundtrack for date rapists everywhere. Kroeger’s voice sounds more like a wounded goat than ever before, and their blatantly recycled songs touch on familiar themes like strippers, sex, prostitutes, drugs, sex, drinking and sex. The best evidence is on the song S.E.X., where Kroeger advocates rethinking consent, singing “No is a dirty word… yes is always the answer,” or on Next Go Round, where it’s “Slap John Deere across my ass and ride me up and down the lawn.”

Nickelback’s constant promotion of reprehensible behaviour may be über-high-concept attempt to show how creepy it is, but I seriously doubt that their Joe the Plumber following would get the message. Things get downright scary on I’d Come For You, when Kroeger threatens, “No matter what gets in my way, as long as there’s still life in me, I’ll always come for you.” Yikes!

Top track: Something In Your Mouth

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