Panic Bomber

Discipline (YYZ)

Rating: NNNN

House music is the official art of after-hours. Its repetitive rhythms induce grinding and makeouts while complementing the time-dilating effects of certain illicit substances. However practical, most house music strikes me as interchangeable in the moment, and totally disposable in the light of day.


Miami’s Richard Haig, aka Panic Bomber, is changing all that. While his electro style is undoubtedly rooted in house, his background in indie rock bands and his degree in composition from Miami U give him the edge and theoretical skills to step outside the after-hours box to explore a wider range of possibilities. IDM beats, pop synths and experimental left turns like the jazzy horns in Can’t Sleep pepper this genre-expanding EP.

Top track: Can’t Sleep

Panic Bomber plays Rollin’ & Scratchin’ at the Supermarket Friday (March 5).

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