Rating: NN It must have been hard for Paul Wall to.

Rating: NN

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It must have been hard for Paul Wall to pose on his album cover with his mouth closed. Thanks to the Houston rapper himself, most of what people know about Paul Slayton is that he’s got a ridiculous mouthful of grills and he raps, and when he raps you see his grills. On his sophomore record, most of Wall’s growth comes from resisting mentioning the “disco ball in his mouth.” It’s a huge quandary: is Paul Wall still essentially Paul Wall when he’s not forcing you to think about his teeth jewels? Breathe easy – the man who famously claimed to have the “innanet goin’ nuts” rolls on autopilot here, mostly talkin’ greezy about his work ethic, girls, his car and his cred in his Velveeta flow over predictable 808s and annoying, ringtone-ready jingles. The most flavourful track is Bangin’ Screw, but Get Money’s most entertaining point is Snoop’s cameo on Everybody Know Me, where the Dogg argues so strongly that he’s famous, he actually sounds desperate, like he’s just been denied VIP access.

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