Pedro The Lion

Rating: NNNPedro the Lion's David Bazan makes Christian indie rock that's not at all evangelical. It's not even particularly full.

Rating: NNN

Pedro the Lion’s David Bazan makes Christian indie rock that’s not at all evangelical. It’s not even particularly full of godly references. Bazan’s songs reflect his struggle with his faith — like Rapture, the second track on Control, in which Bazan describes screwing a woman who’s not his wife, and liking it more because of the sinful nature. With super-typical indie rock crunchy guitars, steady (read: dull) drumbeats and slightly distorted vocals, he ain’t doing anything new. He adheres to the soft-loud emo dynamics and driving guitar prototype laid out by so many morose boys before him (paging Sebadoh and Galaxie 500 — see what you’ve left behind?). Still, the songs boast strong lyricals, visceral emotion, and Bazan’s mellifluous Morrissey-esque voice, which makes Control a compelling listen.

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