Priscilla Renea

Jukebox (Capitol)

Rating: NNNN

Priscilla Renea is not your typical teen pop starlet. For starters, she built up a fan base long before the major labels came knocking thanks to YouTube videos of herself strumming a guitar in her bedroom, neatly bypassing the usual accusations of being a manufactured corporate construct. Secondly, she writes her own songs and displays an impressive instinct for memorable melodies and wordplay. And, as her early YouTube videos show, the girl can actually sing without the assistance of Auto-Tune and studio trickery.


Musically, she comes across as a bit of a chameleon, which may be the fault of the machine behind her. One minute she sounds a bit like Katy Perry and the next like she’s channelling Erykah Badu. That lack of identity would be much more of a problem if she didn’t pull it all off so effortlessly.

Top track: Rockabye Baby

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