R. Kelly

Untitled (Jive/Sony)

Rating: NNN

Untitled is R. Kelly’s newest fucking-inspired R&B album. Unfortunately, it’s not very fucking inspired.


Kelly’s spent 18 of his 42 years recording nine albums’ worth of sex jams, and over that time he’s used every euphemism in the book to describe intercourse: keys in ignitions, bunny rabbits, snakes, confectionery. At its best, Untitled sounds like a compilation of his previous work – a smooth-voiced crooner reading a sex thesaurus over R&B beats.

In his defence, the formula Kelly sticks to is one he invented. Number One, his duet with Keri Hilson (who refreshingly doesn’t use euphemisms), is an upgrade of Bump N’ Grind, a song he recorded in 1993. Still a satisfying song, just not very different than last time.

Perhaps when humans change the way we have sex, Kelly will change the way his albums sound. Until then, expect more slight variations on the same.

Top track: Number One

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