Radiohead – The King Of Limbs


Rating: NN

You might be disappointed the first time you hear Radiohead’s newest album, but it does improve on repeated listens. It still feels unfinished and unfocused, as flawed as it is forward-thinking. Had this been presented as a free download of a work in progress, we’d be much more generous, but since they’re calling this a proper album and charging money for it, we have to judge it as such.

They have some reasonably good ideas, bringing together Afrobeat rhythms, left-field electronics, post-rock repetition and experimental influences. Unfortunately, they’re also so invested in the idea of not being a pop band any more that they haven’t written many actual songs.

If this were purely an experimental electronic album, we’d overlook the lack of hooks, but even as such it’s not particularly impressive. To be fair, the unusually high expectations and huge amount of hype can only lead to disappointment. If the artists were an unknown band, we’d call it a promising effort that needs a lot of polishing.

Top track: Lotus Flower

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