Ray Condo And The Richochets

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Rating: NNNN

Anyone can buy a zoot suit, take lindy hop lessons and listen to Louis Prima reissues all day, but there’s no bluffing your way through a recording like Ray Condo’s High & Wild, which combines elements of rockabilly, jukebox jazz, West Coast blues and honky-tonk country in one seriously swingin’ session.

These hombres aren’t merely familiar with long-lost classics by the likes of Red Allen, Carl Mann, Buddy Johnson and the Crystal Springs Ramblers. They know them well enough to make them their own. And with Count Basie’s Lester Leaps In and the Connie Francis hit Many Tears Ago — neatly reconfigured here as a two-stepper — that’s no small feat. Moreover, Condo and crew absolutely cook onstage, so their return to the Horseshoe Friday (July 7) should not be missed.

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