Robbie Williams

Reality Killed The Video Star (EMI)

Rating: NN

Considering the humiliation of having a million copies of his last effort, 2006’s Rudebox, shipped to China to be used as road filler, you’d think Robbie Williams would have quit and retired to his castle.


But the ex-Take That popist is back. On his eighth album, he replaces his trademark cockiness and flawed electronic experimentation with safe Elton Johnesque ballads. Well, mostly replaces. The second track, Bodies, is a faded inheritor of Rudebox’s electro-rap.

The whole album lacks focus. Williams jumps around from big band to Pet Shop Boys electro to piano ballads to easy rocking. The one common thread is overproduction.

On Last Days Of Disco, we’re told, “Don’t call it a comeback.” That part is true.

Top track: Last Days Of Disco

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