Roots Manuva

Slime And Reason (Big Dada)

Rating: NNNNN

Roots Manuva’s introspective, skeletal electro-?skankin’ comes back with a vibrant vengeance on his fourth LP, and it truly deserves widespread appreciation. Buff Nuff is just way too much, while C.R.U.F.F. wins the award for catchiest, most ?off-?key, quirky non-?sequitur-?filled funk jam of the fall. The spaceship outro and the Jill Scott-?mangling lyrics (“living my life like it’s golden / spinning my dice like it’s bowling”) slap a smile on your face as you realize it’s been too long since Rodney Smith’s uncategorizable self was lodged in your music player, warbling his witty woes.

His clever quips, wonky wordplay, raunchy voice and oddball timing combine into something beyond reproduction by anybody, not that any other MC is daring enough to try doing this type of grimy, soulful crunk-?hop. Serving a head-?spinning cocktail of concern for a crumbling society with a chaser of self-?destructive despair, he makes impending Armageddon sound fun.

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