Sean Kingston

Tomorrow (Beluga Heights/Epic)

Rating: NN

Is Sean Kingston the new Haddaway? With his mindless Euro-dance-inflected FM reggae club bangers, it’s easy to imagine the next generation’s A Night At The Roxbury dudes accosting women on the dance floor to the incessant thump of Kingston’s latest hit, Fire Burning.


And, like Haddaway asking that timeless question What Is Love? in 93, 19-year-old Kingston spends much of his sophomore album considering the same conundrum over 808s and neon synths, Auto-Tune cranked to 11.

Face Drop sees Kingston’s ex-girl getting her comeuppance for underestimating him, while Why U Wanna Go finds the singer bartering promises of Gucci for his woman’s affection.

No doubt Kingston can write a tune that sticks in the ear like a small insect. But just like having an insect in your ear, once the novelty wears off, it starts to get irritating.

Top track: Fire Burning

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