Soul Side In


Rating: N

One thing that’s become characteristic of the Canadian alt-rock scene is collaboration between older and newer acts. Usually, it takes the form of Chad Kroeger firing up his shit machine and cranking out his 43rd version of How You Remind Me before passing it off to Daughtry or Theory of a Deadman. But what if the Chadster is busy? Can’t be booked?


Well, if you’re West Coast rockers Soul Side In, you get Trevor Hurst from Econoline Crush, the dude from Wide Mouth Mason and the bass player from Default to help write your debut record. Seriously? You can’t even make one record without resorting to a team of has-beens? Perfect for Finger Eleven and Hinder fans, SSI produce more of that homogeneous musical commodity called “post-grunge,” which doesn’t benefit from their piss-poor roster of “high-profile” contributors. Skip.

Top track: Roaming Signal

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