Spinal Tap

Back From The Dead (Spuzzle Group)

Rating: NN

If Spinal Tap were technically washed up 25 years ago when Rob Reiner turned the camera on their ill-fated American tour, what does that make the band in 2009? Judging by the title and theme of this new offering, the band was literally in a graveyard of irrelevancy.


This ludicrously conceived celebration of the film’s anniversary tries reviving interest by taking a perfectly good, mindless rocker like Sex Farm and “rethinking” it with a funky twist. The result is disastrous, as is the reggae take on (Listen To The) Flower People and the unveiling of Jazz Odyssey II, last heard when the band opened for a puppet show in the film. Reanimation never sounded so lifeless.

Top track: Stonehenge

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