Sunset Rubdown

Dragonslayer (Jagjaguwar)

Rating: NNNN

Sunset Rubdown were once thought of as the Spencer Krug solo outlet he pursued when he had time off from Wolf Parade, but it’s long since turned into a real band. On this, their third album, Krug obviously tries to capture the group dynamic with a pared-down under-produced set of songs worked out by the band rather than written in the studio.


His tendency to cram a million ideas into every song gets toned down, too, but fans of that aesthetic shouldn’t worry the songs are as intricate and delightfully off-kilter as ever. If the arrangements are less layered and the pacing more relaxed, Dragonslayer is nevertheless a dynamic album.

Top track: Silver Moons

Sunset Rubdown rock Lee’s Palace July 10.

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