Susie Arioli Swing Band

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Rating: NN

Undeterred by the passing of the swing revival, snare-drum-brushing saloon singer Susie Arioli defiantly keeps blandly crooning the standards (Honeysuckle Rose, Night And Day, etc) along with her unobtrusive combo. In addition to the prissy guitar-plinking of Jordan Officer, there are a couple of ho-hum cameos here by Jeff Healey and late stride pianist Ralph Sutton (his last session, apparently) that add precious little in the way of musical excitement. It’s just pleasantly uninvolving enough for dinner party or restaurant use. They’ll be at Hugh’s Room tonight (Thursday, April 25).

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  • Jeep Jockey July 24, 2020 12:53 AM

    Whilst Arioli isn’t a strong stand out singer it would be fair to ci-ut some slack! This album swings, is melodic, and Jordan Officer presents a clean clear guitar style that swings over the top of Sutton’s romping piano. Using the words “prissy”and “blandly”simply shows this reviewer should not be listening to an album designed for an audience of which the writer is not a member!

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