Swollen Members

Armed To The Teeth (Suburban Noize)

Rating: N

Swollen Members have a lot to be ashamed of. The newest disc from the once-innovative Vancouver group assaults you with 18 contrived, lazy tracks. The best is a seven-year-old re-release, Red Dragon, from when Moka Only gave this outfit some class.


The other Members dig their graves on Pornstar, with its rock guitar solos and lame lyrics, and on Flyest, a pathetic scramble for commercial success that incorporates tired topics (rides, hos, guns, money) and Auto-Tuned sonic nausea. Equally painful is Real P.I., which offers lyrical gems like “I tell that ho, sell that pussy, give me that money.” Mix all this with a pair of AKs crossed behind a skull and call it a day.

This record makes you rethink the meaning of “swollen members.” Hint: the bulge is actually music cancer.

Top track: Red Dragon

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