The Juan Maclean

The Future Will Come (DFA)

Rating: NNNN

It’s been a year since the Juan MacLean released the lead single from this album, Happy House. A sprawling 12-minute dance music epic, it’s easily the disc’s standout track, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s representative of the album as a whole.


In fact, most of the other tracks are far more concise and synth-pop-inspired, bringing to mind Yazoo or the Human League more than the Chicago house referenced by the single. LCD Soundsystem vocalist Nancy Whang is on almost every track, turning the album into a peculiar series of duets between her and John “Juan” MacLean, with the lyrics suggesting an ongoing lovers’ quarrel (fictional, as far as we know).

Some of the 80s references take a few listens until they stop sounding goofy, and MacLean’s deadpan vocals occasionally grate next to Whang’s light and floating tone, but once your ears adjust, there’s a lot to appreciate.

Top track: Happy House

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