The Whigs

In The Dark (ATO)

Rating: N

What a shame that a technically competent trio like the Whigs has released such a dispirited record. This is not an observation about theme – the record is unremarkable in both sound and execution. “Robotically bland” is a fitting description of the effort, especially track Automatic.


Parker Gispert’s removed, flat vocals add no uplift to post-grunge tracks like Someone’s Daughter. Maybe touring has taken its toll? Maybe touring with Kings of Leon? They’re certainly mixing in some of that band’s trademark rock pablum on anthemic album closer Naked.

The best song, Dying, is merciful in its plodding. There’s a good chance you’ll nod off here and there, saving yourself five tracks of forgettable music.

Top track: Dying

The Whigs play the Mod Club April 28.

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