Twin Shadow


Although it might seem ridiculous to turn on your cellphone flashlight and wave it around while sitting on the couch, it feels like the most natural response to Twin Shadow’s latest set of shamelessly catchy arena-less arena anthems.

You may also feel an urgent desire to commandeer the nearest wind machine, don some sort of semi-slutty negligée with plenty of excess fabric on the sleeves and go to town on a chaise longue. This look would be particularly suitable during the oh-whoa-oooh-oh chorus and crashing cymbals on To The Top, or perhaps the tribal propulsions and multi-tracked belting of the words “release,” “resist,” “hold back,” “then kiss” on the title track.

Long-time listeners of George Lewis Jr.’s epic emotionalism will note that this LP is his first for a major, an upward trajectory that mirrors the progression of his songcraft toward slick production values increasingly averse to blank space and drums without reverb. The odd bit of distortion on I’m Ready and Watch Me Go disrupts the otherwise pristine party, while a heavy flirtation with piano house on Old Love/New Love returns us to life-affirming territory.

Top track: Old Love/New Love 

Twin Shadow plays the Phoenix April 6. Win tickets here

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