Victoria Williams

VICTORIA WILLIAMS Sings Some Ol' Songs (Dualtone) Rating: NNNN Rating: NNNNAlthough a songwriter first, Victoria Williams has always.

WILLIAMS Sings Some Ol’ Songs
(Dualtone) Rating: NNNN Rating: NNNN

Although a songwriter first, Victoria Williams has always been a capable interpretive stylist. With her new vocal-oriented standards set, Sings Some Ol’ Songs, Williams demonstrates how effortlessly she can take control of overly familiar classics like Moon River, Over The Rainbow, My Funny Valentine and As Time Goes By and make them her own. She happily avoids the typical black-glove treatment and instead breezes through the material with a charming sense of child-like wonder, alternately trying on some Carol Channing, Joni Mitchell, Shirley Temple and Al Jolson vocal styles as if she were rummaging through her mom’s closet. Delightful.TP

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