Ratitude (Interscope)

Rating: NN

It’s hard to tell whether Rivers Cuomo is trying really hard on Ratitude or if he doesn’t give a damn any more. As evidence of the former, Cuomo enlisted songwriting assistance from the All-American Rejects, Dr. Luke (who penned hits for Miley Cyrus), Jermaine Dupri and others. Since when did Cuomo need help writing a catchy hook?


Or maybe he’s become so apathetic about Weezer’s identity and artistic standing that he now shamelessly courts the lowest common denominator, as on In The Mall, I’m Your Daddy and The Girl Got Hot, all of which, like most of Ratitude, concern themselves solely with shallow teen issues.

Whatever the case, Ratitude is both a clunker and a fitting end to a decade in which Weezer continuously spiralled downward. Let’s hope Cuomo turns it around in the 10s.

Top track: I Don’t Want To Let You Go

Weezer play the Air Canada Centre on December 5.

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