Hurley (Epitaph)

Rating: NN

As endearing as Jorge Garcia’s face is, shining warmly from the cover of Weezer’s eighth release, the timely pop reference to a Lost character is the perfect symbol for a band on a continued downward spiral into meme-based gimmickry and music with zero staying power.


Hurley is a wall-to-wall series of reductive numbers like Smart Girls, Memories and Trainwrecks, with Rivers Cuomo’s typical lyrical self-deprecation chugging complacently over basic chord progressions. The only real departures are a cover of Coldplay’s single Viva La Vida, where the frontman’s off-key whine clashes with the song’s pristine strings, and the Linda Perry co-credited Brave New World. Both tracks debunk the myth of Cuomo as prolific songwriter.

Top track: Where’s My Sex?

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