Remorsecapade (Paper Bag)

Rating: NNNN

Local gritty electro duo Woodhands are staying true to their roots. Remorsecapade is every bit as danceable and sweaty as 2008’s Heart Attack, while analog aficionados will appreciate that Dan Werb and Paul Banwatt still leave behind pre-recorded samples and laptops in favour of Werb’s keytar and Banwatt’s drum kit.


Adding to the album’s organic construction is the fact that many of the tracks were created on the fly during Woodhands’ tireless touring. It shows. The album perfectly captures a dance punk teen night out. Synth-drenched Coolchazine – with its Wendy Carlos-style monophony – and Faint-like single Pockets make you feel like you’re in a packed, dank, sticky venue. The seeds of romance gather incrementally before peaking with full-blown ballad closers I Want To Be Together and How To Survive A Remorsecapade.

Top track: Pockets

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