Die Stadt Muzikanten (Boompa)

Rating: NN

You’d think the constant stream of tossed-off covers, musical travelogues and lengthy “bonus albums” would drain the Woodpigeon well, but Mark Hamilton and his Calgary ensemble have still managed to fill their third album with an exhaustive 16 tracks.


It’s hard to call much of it filler, but that doesn’t mean everything is worthy of inclusion. Taken in smaller, more digestible chunks, the album contains some top-notch orchestrated indie folk-rock, but it has too few standout tracks to justify sitting through it. After a half-hour, it blends into one plodding mid-tempo blur. What’s pleasant in small doses turns into a slog.

Woodpigeon clearly intend to make a statement with this record, but maybe next time they should settle for a sentence fragment.

Top track: Empty-Hall Sing-Along

Woodpigeon play the Drake tonight (Thursday, February 11).

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