Wu-Tang Clan

Mathematics Presents Return Of The Wu & Friends (Gold Dust)

Rating: NNN

Anyone who’s followed Wu-Tang throughout this millennium knows that the Clan’s DJ Mathematics is the proper heir to RZA’s Wu production throne, and his new compilation only reinforces this.


While RZA’s off hobnobbing with Tarantino and making cameos in Apatow flicks, Mathematics has dutifully maintained that crusty, 36 Chambers-era Shaolin sound, and the rest of the Clan happily obliges him with equally gutter guest shots.

One issue: at least half of the album is recycled. Raekwon’s marijuana-personifying Treez appeared on Math’s first Wu & Friends comp, while Method Man’s volcanic John 3:16 and tracks Real Nillaz and Strawberries & Cream were on dude’s first album.

What, did he think we were too high to remember?

Top track: Rush

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