Rating: NNN It seems that the trick to maximizing the recording benefits.

Rating: NNN

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It seems that the trick to maximizing the recording benefits of a G-Unit hookup is to get Dr. Dre to produce some tracks while somehow keeping Eminem out of the studio. Young Buck just about swings it on Buck The World by keeping the spread of Eminem wackness confined to one song, Lose My Mind, which is pushed to the album’s end, where some listeners might not even hear it. The bigger problem, though, is Young Buck’s yawn-inducing rhyme flow, which, paired with relentlessly slow, chugging beats, creates pure aural Sominex that no amount of guest spots from T.I., 8Ball & MJG, Young Jeezy or Jazze Pha can counter. There is one genius move here, however, and that’s getting Snoop Dogg to jump on the anti-snitching track I Ain’t Fuckin’ Wit U! Heck, it may even turn Suge Knight’s frown upside down.

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